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Most people, if not all – will experience anxiety. While a little anxiety before a big life event can be beneficial, as it can be a motivator, high levels of anxiety whether acute or chronic is not healthy. If you deal with elevated levels of anxiety regularly, you know how much control these feelings can have over what you feel capable of doing. Anxiety can be paralyzing and impede normal functioning.

What is anxiety?

In general, anxiety can encompass intense, excessive, worry and fear about small and large everyday events. Sometimes anxiety can accompany panic attacks. Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired may occur.

It is typically normal to experience levels of anxiety in certain situations such as public speaking, taking an examination, going to the Doctor, and stressful life experiences. But when feelings of fear and anxiety become all-consuming and interfere with activities of daily living, seeing a professional is indicated to learn how to manage the anxiety.

Are you struggling with Anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural response that keeps us safe and helps us maintain motivation. However, acute and chronic anxiety depletes our energy and can leave us feeling completely powerless. Struggling with anxiety takes the joy out of life, making us over-think and be fearful without reason: anxiety is exhausting. Here is a self-assessment:

  • Do you experience excessive worry, fear, and stress?
  • Do you frequently feel a desire to shut down or disconnect?
  • Do you have trouble controlling racing and debilitating thoughts?
  • Do you often feel tense?
  • Do you have problems sleeping?

How does therapy help?

Identifying the causes/triggers is helpful and integrating coping techniques and tools for managing the anxiety is key. Reframing thought processes as well as disputing irrational beliefs about the stressors is effective. Having a solid plan for when anxiety starts to take power is imperative. Ultimately, working towards a mind-shift whereby fears that once were powerful and a stronghold – are eventually diminished; obstacles and difficult scary situations are handled with confidence.