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Fees and Payment Policy

From a Biopsychosocial model of wellness, taking care of your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health. Making an appointment for counseling is being proactive with your health and recognizing the importance of self-care.

Psychotherapy fees are as follows:

  • Individual, couples and family therapy - 125.00 per session

Psycho-ed group work, 60 minute session:

  • Group therapy - 35

Yoga fees as as follows, 50 minute classes:

  • Yoga individual session - 75

Supervision for Registered Counselor Interns - 80 individual, 40/group

Clinical Consultation as follows, 60 minute sessions:

  • Peer, mental health agency - 75

  • Corporate, school - per contract

  • Developing a Practice for LMHCs/LCPCs - 75

Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment:

  • Jungian Concepts, MBTI group workshop, 2-hours - $500.00

  • Individual Assessment - 35

  • Field Training - per contract

Payment is expected at time of session. Cash, checks, Venmo & credit cards are accepted. To avoid being charged the full session fee, a 24-hour notice is expected.